Privacy policy


pgMustard collect, store and use the following pieces of personal information:

Name & email address

We need these to identify and contact you about the service.

They’re stored in our database (hosted in Finland), in Mailchimp, in any correspondence that we receive from you, and in documents on Google Sheets.

If you cease to be a customer, we’ll remove most of these references, but we’ll keep the ones that are needed to hold a record of the service we provided to you - for example correspondence requesting us to cancel your subscription, or an entry in the database which records that you have used your free trial and are no longer entitled to one.

Query plans

We need these to provide the performance analysis that is our service.

They go to our server (in the Google Cloud data centre in Finland) to be processed, but we don’t store them unless you tick the box on the account page allowing us to - we don’t even log them if they cause an exception.

If you do tick that box, we’ll use the plans to improve the product - which basically involves Dave & Mike putting the plan back into the product, looking at the results, and then working out if it did a good job, or if there’s something we need to improve.

Billing information

We need these pieces of information to take payments. They’re managed and stored by our billing, payments and accounts providers (at the time of writing these are Stripe and Quaderno, but we reserve the right to change these without notice).

Other stuff

That’s all we collect in the normal course of business. From time to time, we might collect other information about you, for example your t-shirt size and the address you’d like a pgMustard t-shirt sent to. You’ll know if and when this happens, because you’ll be filling in a form or replying to an email that says, for example, “what’s your t-shirt size?”. We store this information in SurveyMonkey, Google docs, and any correspondence we receive from you. We try not to hang onto it for any longer than necessary - for example once we’ve sent you a t-shirt, we’ll delete your address from our records.

We'll never share any of this information with a third party, except as required by law.

This policy is effective as of 1 October 2019.