Make your Postgres queries faster

pgMustard visualises your EXPLAIN query plans and provides you with performance tips.


Understand current performance

Postgres query plans contain a lot of useful information, but aren’t always easy to decipher.

The tree, timing bar, and table work in unison to help you understand what’s happening, and code snippets help you tie operations back to your query.


Skip straight to the important bits

Quickly see which operations are taking the most time, so you know where best to direct your effort.

See summaries of memory and timing statistics, rather than having to wade through every number.


Tips to improve

Advice to speed up your query - whether it be adding an index, improving internal statistics or tinkering with config parameters.

Links to in-depth articles to help you understand problems and how to fix them.


Brush up

Been a while since you did any database work? Forgotten the difference between a bitmap index scan and an index-only scan?

pgMustard includes explanations of operation types and key concepts to refresh your memory.