Should I use pgMustard?

There are three main benefits:

  • Save time understanding query plans

  • Get guidance to improve query performance

  • Learn about Postgres performance features and query operations

How does it compare?

We really like explain.D.C and PEV. They’ve helped people diagnose and fix problematic queries for years. But we thought we could go further. With pgMustard, we’ve created a tool which:

  • Provides guidance and tips on which aspects of the plan are most important and what to do next

  • Displays information more intuitively, for example a simple timing breakdown, and high level summaries of cache performance

  • Handles large plans elegantly, for example allowing sub-trees to be collapsed (fast ones are collapsed by default)

Why should I subscribe?

If several of the below apply to you...

  • Your application is data heavy

  • Performance is an important feature for your application

  • You'd like more of the team to be able to do database performance work

  • You have other valuable projects that the time saved could enable

Is it worth the price?

Things to consider:

  • Are you more short of time or money? (Are you hiring?)

  • How much time would it save?

  • What could people be working on with that time?

  • Could it help with training or onboarding?

  • How much value could extra performance improvements add?

  • We listen to feedback and regualrly release improvements.