pgMustard End-User Licence Agreement

By continuing to use pgMustard (“the service”) you agree to abide by the following conditions. If you do not agree with these restrictions, do not use the application.

Provision of competing services.

You agree that you will not use the service to provide a (free or paid for) competitor service to pgMustard, for example by copying the code, or by forwarding requests from your service to the service API.

Fair usage

In order to ensure that other users’ access to the service is not delayed or disrupted, you agree that you will make no more than 50 requests to the service in any five minute period.

Violation of the law

You agree not to use pgMustard to break any laws. We have no idea how you would do that, but if you manage to think of a way to commit crimes with our tool, please do not do so.

Acceptance of Liability

You agree that you are responsible for any changes you make to your database as a result of recommendations, advice or analysis using the service.

We recommend that before implementing any changes you spend some time thinking through the possible consequences of any change, particularly in light of any peculiarities of your system of which we may be unaware.

We strongly recommend that before rolling out changes to a production system you test and benchmark those changes in a similar testing environment.