Going full-time

A few months ago Dave went full-time on pgMustard. This has quickly led to us going from alpha, to beta, to being pretty close to having a proper 1.0 product! 🙌

Mostly because I got jealous, I’ve now followed suit. Yesterday was my last day at the (newly rebranded) Savanta. I’ll miss people fondly, even (especially?) the person who threw a pen at me when I told them I was leaving.

I’m really excited to be able to dedicate far more time, focus, and energy to pgMustard. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but we make a performance tuning tool for Postgres (or a user interface for explain analyse… might need to work out which is clearer next week 😛)

If you, or your team, (or your cousin’s dog’s niece’s best friend) use Postgres, please do check us out.

Photo by  Asya Tes

Photo by Asya Tes