About us

pgMustard is run by Michael Christofides and David Conlin. It started as a side project in early 2018, and we were delighted and terrified to release v1.0 in April 2019.

By this time, we were both working full-time on it, and are now looking forward to making it a sustainable business that can support us as a small, independent team.

We believe we will do so by listening to customers and prioritising for the long term. We admire other companies who differentiate on user experience and support, and strive to put pgMustard among them.

Michael and David previously worked together at Redgate Software, building tools for SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle development.

Several jobs (and years) later, PostgreSQL had become more widely adopted.

Considering how good it is, and the community, it seemed quite underserved with tooling. We thought we might be well placed to help, and after talking with some friendly people (thank you!) pgMustard is the product we landed on.

We’re gradually trying to get involved in the PostgreSQL community. If we haven’t yet said it, please consider this our hello 👋



David’s career has mostly been as a developer. He also has experience as a solo founder and in audit.

Outside of work, he likes gardening, soccer & being outdoors.

He tries his best to ensure the mistakes he makes today are different to the ones he made yesterday.



Michael’s career has mostly been as a product manager. He also has experience in customer success and sales.

Outside of work, he enjoys sport, music and puns.

He tries his best to ensure the puns he makes today are exactly the same as the ones he made yesterday.